Sharing messages in your own font. Just my type.

So I’m very ‘font’ to this new app called Notegraphy where you can just write down what you want to share and cover it with a really cool self picked font. Not sure if I will really use this app very much. But I’m really down with the idea. Another way to publicly fool ourselves that we are in fact unique human beings.

The day I met Alwino Bubbelino

A couple of months I went to Belgium. No let me say this right. I went to one of my favourite cities: Antwerpen. I didn’t have a plan while going there. The only plan I had was to relax, take some pictures with my new camera and if I really felt like it I’d work through some interviews.

And so it happened that while I was walking through this lovely city, I saw a guy with HUGE bubbles. Well… If you know me you would know I consider this as a pretty big deal since I have this unusual facination for bubbles and the blowing part of it. For my last birthday I’ve asked for – how we Dutchies call it – ‘bellenblaas’ and I was thrilled when everyone sticked to it.Anyway I saw this guy making really big ones. Kids were enjoying the crap out of themselves. And so did I. So I grabbed my camera and took a few shots of this guy who called himself Alwino Bubbelino. While writing this down I get that this sounds a bit weird and maybe creepy but I found it amusing that a grown up played with bubbles for a living. You’ve got my blessing, Alwino.

So enough chatting. Here are some pictures I’ve made:


AlwinoBubbelino_008_edit AlwinoBubbelino_005_edit AlwinoBubbelino_011_editDon’t you just love their enthusiasm?

Let’s just go with it

For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about blogging again. A lot has happened and with a lot I mean that also nothing has happened because of a little thing being called a burn out. Such a modern illness. While thinking about blogging again a lot of questions popped in my head: “How much time do I want to spend on my blog?”, “What will the main subjects be?”, “Should I blog in English or in Dutch?” (we now all see which decision I’ve made), “And do I want people to read it?” and so on.

I think the main reason why I want to blog is because since I was a teeny-tiny Naomi I just loved writing. I’ve always believed that it’s because of the continuous chaos running through my mind and when I put in on paper (or screen, these days) I could understand myself a bit more. And also I like to make up stories with fictive characters which I love or hate. And even when I hate my made up characters I love them. Writing gives me energy and I could really use them mental energy bars right now.

I’ve missed blogging and I’ve decided to start slowly again. This time in English because I really want to speak English as if it was my own language. As a kid I’ve early adopted speaking English as a friend of mine in primary school was a Brittish girl. Also I’ve watched way too many shows of Cartoon Network when I was young. Tom & Jerry where my homeboys during another weekend marathon. Now I’ve reached the age of 21 I think I should really brush up my English because I think I can do better, speak better, write better. Also I’m a perfectionist. Not always a good thing though, but I’ll just go with it. So forgive me if my English is horrible and also don’t be shy and correct me if I’m totally doing it wrong. I’m a total grammar nazi when it comes to Dutch so I think I deserve it. ; )

What I’ll be planning on blogging about, I have no clue. Well okay, a couple of ideas have run through my mind. Such as interviews, posting photo’s and reviews of different things. Let’s just keep it a little mystery untill I’ve finished them. I’ve cought myself bragging about awesome ideas before and not doing them adventually. I’m going for another route this time. The less-talking-more-writing-more-making-route.

Okay, so let’s keep in touch?

P.S. Here’s a picture I’ve made today. Since I’ve bought a Canon 550D last summer I really should allow myself to have more fun with my little black fella.

Sunday Food Market